Chronotrack Timing Systems

Ninness Associates - The Timing Team exclusively uses ChronoTrack sport timing hardware.

In our research into sport timing systems we looked for system reliability, accuracy and flexibility. Chronotrack met and exceeded all our requirements enabling us to offer timing points from 1 metre to 8 metres wide, or more; with industry standard read rates and accuracy

Since its launch in 2007 ChronoTrack has become internationally recognised as a leader in electronic sport timing technology, and is now the system of choice for many key international events in over 35 countries including the New York Marathon and Riga Marathon.

Each ChronoTrack System is built around Impinj RFID technology to ensure timers and competitors get the results they rely on. Of real significance to us was the proven resistance of Chronotrack to radio frequency/electro magnetic interference which has historically been an issue on location with passive chip systems.

Chronotrack systems enable us to offer our clients a choice of single use tags designed for different events, as well as a reuseable tag. With industry leading accuracy and reliability, with our ChronoTrack equipment The Timing Team has sport timing technology robust enough to cater for the most challenging sports such as mud-runs and MTB Enduro, with proven capacity to handle timing sports event from a school athletics day to the largest international events. More information can be found under the appropriate menus above.

With New Zealand specific Chronotrack equipment we can offer live data upload from the timing point to the server from any location in New Zealand with Telecom cellular reception.