About Andrew Ninness and Associates

Andrew Ninness and Associates – ‘The Timing Team’
have proven experience in timing complimented by their broad experience in competition, communications, event management, software support, and graphic editing.

Andrew Ninness
Andrew's event timing experience extends over 20 years, encompassing manual, electronically assisted, and for the past 5 years chip timing, both in New Zealand and Australia.

Andrew has a background in running, and a respected history in the cycle trade. The latter involvement led to his being one of the pioneers in organising MTB races and his involvement at the creation of the NZ MTB Association.

Andrew is also well know for his role in event management support

Graeme Ninness
Graeme has a background in event management software support. He has established a reputation as a safe pair of hands, and a handy resource for solving event registration queries.

Graeme's video editing skills honed during his university studies have enhanced our ability to integrate live finishing timing data with video feeds.

Moray Wilson

Well known throughout Canterbury from his roles in event support, Moray has been part of the team for more than 3 years.

Moray has a background in ICT and telecommunications, and is a self described geek when it comes to technology with a proven track record for “making things work” if problems occur.



Programming the Timing Controllers


Andrew setting up the Start/Finish Line


Graeme and Moray at work


Andrew collating results at the Finish Line