ChronoTrack’s B-tags are a high performance single use tag option for Road Cycling and MTB events.

In association with PrintRun we have developed the seat-post number kit. For road bike events each entrant is provided a numberplate with timing tag attached which wraps around their seat-post. The kit also includes number stickers to attach to the front, and side of the entrant's helmets to assist identification of entrants by photographers.

The very thin B-tag is encoded with the entrant's race number which is then incorporated into a seat-post kit, or a relay kit.

For MTBevents the B-tag is attached to the back of a MTB number-plate.

ChronoTrack’s B-tags provide event organisers and entrants the following benefits:

Relay Events

How should the B-tag be handled?



B-tag in road bike kit



B-tag on MTB numberplate


Relay Road bike option