Event Results

Ninness Associates provides event organisers with timing results to be posted at the event and used to award prizes on the day.

With your co-operation we can provide results "on the fly" for you as entrants finish.

We produce our results by electronic timing linked to tags through a commercial results software package. The tags are supplied to participants which are in turn linked to each participant's registration form.

Ninness Associates provides event organisers with name, city, race entered, age group and gender details, and specific categories a participant may be registered for.

To enable us to check that we have the fields needed to provide you your results, you need to provide us by email a list of all results required and a (test) database of entrants competing in the event(s) at least 7 days before the event.

The entrant information you supply us must include all information you require reported in your results.




Prizewinner list for Organisers (Click to enlarge)


Full Results for Display (Click to enlarge)