Website Results

Ninness Associates provides organisers with a participant-focused website where detailed results for each race within an event are published.

This allows event participants and their families and friends to view their results both on and after theevent day.

The results website is branded to promote each event, and displays a summary of each race giving type of race, distance and the first 5 home for men, women (and mixed groups).

Participants can either view results in order of finish, or go directly to their own detailed result page by searching on their surname or bib number. This detailed page shows not only thieir time and placing overall, but also where appropriate their mat-time, gender and age group placings, and the times for the nearest finishes overall, by age group and gender.

Multisport races also show detailed information on split times and relative placing, while Lap-based races show times and details for each lap. Where Team races record individual teammembers' times those are aslo displayed.

Where Event Organisers provide a Certificate of Participation these are downloadable from the Results website, automatically filled in with a participant's details. Event organised photos of each participant can also be linked to from that person's detailed results page.

Ninness Associates respects participants' privacy.
We do not use cookies, nor do we record or retain any personal information on visitors to the site.
We collect standard industry statistics for the site as a whole, such as total visits per time period.

Participants' details displayed on the results website are: participant's bib no, participant's name, city, race entered, gender, age group, time.

Participants are able to opt out of having their name and city displayed in the results. In that case their bib number will be shown with no name or city identified.
To opt out participants can indicate they wish to do so at regsitration, or can contact Ninness Associates or the event organisers at any stage after registration.





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